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    The Hoot Squad

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    The Hoot Squad Empty The Hoot Squad

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:33 pm

    As you walk, you hear voices, whispering and murmuring. The farther you walk, the louder they get. Then you see them; the small flock of owls.

    The Hoot Squad Owls-yousrs

    Nuh uh. Nobody gossips about you and gets away with it. But, maybe these owls can help you out. You grab their attention.

    "You can go left, but there's far worse things than fire."

    "Right brings you far more interesting things than fire"

    "And that way brings you something much stranger than fire" they all reply in turn.

    That was not helpful at all, but you've got to choose. Which way?

    That Way

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