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    The Bathroom

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    The Bathroom Empty The Bathroom

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:12 pm

    The Bathroom Tumblr_inline_nt7w791c511t5sj5n_500

    Ack! You're startled as you enter through the door. How does he know it's your birthday? And why the hell is he in the bathroom?

    Yeah, Ben watches when you pee.
    The Bathroom Tumblr_m7dm984QUz1qd88tjo2_250

    I mean what? No, you look around and realize this place isn't really a bathroom at all. It's a hallway. The bathroom is likely further down. But there are so many doors. Which one...

    Door 1
    Door 2
    Door 3
    Door 4

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