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    Voldy Attack

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    Voldy Attack Empty Voldy Attack

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:13 am

    Voldy Attack Mad-voldemort

    A jet of light shoots out towards the both of you. You don't have a wand, and Snape has an asparagus. I believe it's safe to say that you guys are screwed.

    Suddenly, Snape flies out in front of you, and your eyes widen as blood begins to spurt all over from his body.

    Voldy Attack Laugh-voldemort

    Hurriedly, you grab Snape's asparagus (get your head out of the gutter. That's just nasty) and for all the good it will do you, you cast the mighty 'Tampon' spell.

    Voldy Attack Voldemortdies-1426625502

    Baldy begins flaking away, and all that's left on the ground is...a tampon. Better not touch that. You now turn your attention to the dying Snape.

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