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    The Tail of Vladimir the Duck

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    The Tail of Vladimir the Duck Empty The Tail of Vladimir the Duck

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:11 am

    "Vladimir was just an ordinary duck, living a normal duck life. One day, while he was sleeping, he saw flashing blue lights. Before he knew it, Vladimir had been abduckted by aliens.

    When Vladimir became fully conscious again he was in the TARDUCK faced with the Duckter and Amy Pond who had enlisted his help to solve the quack in space and time.

    The ducktor needed Vladimir's help to stop a plan most fowl conceived by the Yolker and his accomplice Harley Quill. This evil scheme would induce a quack in space and time creating a dimensional portal. The ducktor was unable to stop the Yolker alone and so took Vladimir under his wing and gave him an induction in the art of wing-chun and sword fighting.

    Soon Vladimir could handle a sword with ducksterity and was a Duck Norris level badass. Vladimir was ready and had earned his license to quill.

    The Duck knight had risen! Vladimir returned to the city were he would find the Yolker and stop his plans. But Vladimir had no clear plan; he was winging it and the Yolker found him first and dealt Vladimir a heavy blow before Vladimir could duck.

    Vladimir was injured; his sword wielding wing had been clipped. Fortunately he was ambiduckstrous and could use his other. The Yolker's accomplice Harley Quill was a falcon and was ordered by the Yolker to attack Valdimir but she refused. Harley Quill was indeed a falcon but wouldn't harm another bird for she was a bishop because she was in fact....

    ....a bird of pray.

    Utilizing this opening, Vladimir cut off the Yolker's head, and as he stared at the Yolker's dequapitated body, he said: "You seem to have lost your head. Maybe you should have

    ...... Ducked."

    What the f-

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