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    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:57 pm

    You head up to the door and knock. No answer. You try the door for the heck of it. Unlocked. Well, screw these people; you're freezing. You invite yourself in, but freeze, mortified as you can hear voices. They're coming from the next room over. Crap, so someone is here. You should really go apologize...

    You walk into what would probably be the dining room, to find a boy and a girl sitting across from each other.... presently engaged in a pretty intense staring contest. The guy has the upper hand here, as he tries to make the girl laugh.

    In the House R5qAhlU

    The girl can't keep it together, but she doesn't blink! Those are skills right there.

    You awkwardly introduce yourself, but midway through your apology, you notice neither of them have shown any signs of acknowledgement to your presence.

    "HELLOOOOOOOOOO" you yell, flapping your arms around. Nothing.

    Interesting. Interesting indeed....

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