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    Taking a Drive

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    Taking a Drive Empty Taking a Drive

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:16 am

    The two of you zip around at startling speeds. Somehow there's no traffic (yeah, you know it. Ben clears traffic with his very presence). You want to say something to break the awkward silence, but then...

    Taking a Drive E5e8084605b47abc3ae2670aceab3883

    You inwardly sigh. Always the eyes.

    And the hair....

    Taking a Drive Tumblr_m6nm7nrvYJ1r853et

    Ahem, where were we? Ben might have sensed the weirdness going on, and makes the first move to speak.

    "You should come to the next party at the club" he says. He'd even give you a proper personal tour of the place if you did. You explain that you're on a mission, and unless you finish it before then (though it's likely that you will, because time is clearly meaningless. I mean, it's been two days, and it's still your bloody birthday somehow).

    Still, he gives you a CALENDAR, so that you won't forget the date.

    Taking a Drive Calendar-printable-redcircle

    Great! You stick it in the backpack, and note that it sorta smells like him from being in his jacket pocket. Even better... And much more useful than your last two gifts. Ben asks where you need to head next, and offers to drive you there.

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