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    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:31 pm

    You escape to London, which seems to be a good grounding base for you in all of this. With three...'offerings' in your bag now, you don't seem to be much closer to accomplishing your mission. Le sigh. You realize you're kinda hungry, and could use something to drink (cause you certainly ain't drinking that bottle of yellow stuff). You spot a building on the left side of the street. The Cumberclub, so says the sign. Surely you can find a light snack and beverages in there.

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    The lights are bright, and music is loud. You can't help but bob your head a bit as you walk towards the bar. And yes, you're of age here, so alcohol isn't off-limits. The crowds around you are pretty into their dancing. You look to the:


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