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    Snape Death

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    Snape Death Empty Snape Death

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:21 am

    Snape Death Tumblr_myj7ibkliN1qes5cio2_r2_250

    The lad's not looking too good as he clings to his last few moments of life. He firmly grasps you; he's handing you something.

    "Death may be coming to claim me," he heaves. "But I give you the gift of life" And so, Snape hands you... A BIRTHING WOMAN.

    Snape Death Woman-In-Labor

    What is it with the weird gifts? Seriously, Sherlock has given you the most normal one, and that's saying something. Awkwardly, you look back at Snape (after difficultly stuffing an entire person into your backpack). "Thank you.... and thank you for saving me" you say.

    He looks at you...

    Snape Death Giphy

    And with that, the man goes limp on the ground. Merlin, you'd better get out of here before the tampon starts attacking you or something....or before someone comes looking and thinks you killed him.

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