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    Walk on the Grounds

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    Walk on the Grounds Empty Walk on the Grounds

    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:54 am

    Walk on the Grounds Tumblr_mfmbzqyXej1qa9jn1o1_500

    Snape doesn't seem too intent on acknowledging your presence as you two walk along the grounds. You'd almost need to dump your bottle of pee on him to catch his attention, and maybe even then...

    "So...." you start, wondering if you can spark a conversation and break the silence.

    Nothing. You clear your throat and try again.

    "Professor Snape, have you been teaching here very long?"


    "Ayoooo. Snapeyyyyy. Can you hear meeeee" You wave your hands around as you speak.

    Nothing. Well for god's sake...


    Walk on the Grounds Anigif_enhanced-32417-1406595676-18

    So that answers two questions; it can talk, and it can hear. You flush, a little embarrassed, and most of the rest of the walk is spent in silence.

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