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    Post by Grandmaster Ducky on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:36 pm

    You wake up, lying on the side of a highway. You have quite the headache too, which sort of confirms your previous theory about being drugged up.

    There's a 'poof', and two -- I guess you could call them angels? -- appear.

    By the Road Giphy

    "You're on a road. You can choose to go forward, and continue your journey, or succumb to it all, and go back" Somehow this sounds a lot more philosophical that it's meant to be. You get up onto your feet, brush yourself off, and look both ways. Both views offer endless stretches of flat ground, dotted with a few trees.

    Well, you've gotta head forward, if you have any hopes of getting this done with before next year.

    The angels follow you, and the chubby one smiles.

    "Wise decision. Life's a scream, isn't it?"

    Well, maybe those wouldn't be your choice words. But some bits of this mad adventure have been entertaining while they lasted.

    "Here" The brunette hands you a bottle with some strange mist swirling around in it. It's A BOTTLE OF SCREAMS.

    By the Road Ahhh

    "Use it wisely" they advise. The slim one poofs off, and only the chubby one remains. She leans in close, and whispers. "The secret to being...is that there's no secret at all" And with that, she too poofs off.

    For a moment, you're almost tempted to fling this bottle as far as you can manage. Breaking it would bring you a lot of satisfaction right now.

    Sighing, you just shake your head, and carry on your seemingly eternal walk down this traffic-less highway, with hopes sinking with every step.

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